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Colleges & Universities
Whether your institution is a community college, small private college or a large state university with multiple campuses, Rydin Decal has the parking solutions you need. With more than 55 years of helping schools and higher learning institutions with parking control, management, and security for students, staff, faculty, residents and visitors, Rydin is the industry leader in college and university parking permits.

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Your durable, attractive, cost-effective and customizable parking solutions include:
  • Parking Permit Decals or Stickers in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles with more than 100 stock logos and designs.
  • Ultra Custom Decals or Stickers - University parking permits designed and printed to your exact specifications.
  • Parking Permit Hang Tags - temporary, permanent, reflective, large, small, horizontal, vertical, double-sided printing, dozens of options and a wide variety of designs to choose from.
  • Ultra Custom University Parking Hang Tags - choose the size, colors, font, materials, special features, custom logo, mascot, graphics, text to showcase your school.
  • Scratch Off Parking Hang Tags - Simply scratch off the special ink to reveal specific days, months and years that the permit is valid. These are the perfect university parking permits for temporary use.
  • School Parking Bumper Stickers
  • Validation Stickers - to control vehicle parking by year, semester, quarter, day, time, lot, etc.
  • Special Event Parking Solution
  • Rydin Permit Express TM - Parking Management Software (link to PDF)

All Rydin parking permits -- whether hang tags, decals, stickers, bumper stickers, clings, or validation stickers -- can be personalized with your school's name, colors, logo, seal, typestyle, etc. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, styles, materials, colors and security features, and Rydin will print your value-priced, customized parking permits for you.

Please visit our College and University Parking Permits Catalog Brochure to see all the options we have available, or contact us today to custom create your own.

Security Features

All college campuses are concerned about security as well as parking control. Rydin university parking permits offer a number of security features including:

  • Large, bright, easy-to-read print and numbering
  • More than a dozen colors to choose from to easily differentiate campus lots, and differentiate staff from students from faculty from residents from visitors, etc.
  • Your own numbering system -- printed in large visible ink -- included at no extra charge for increased security and control
  • Reflective materials for easy visibility at night
  • Print rules, restrictions and instructions on the back of your university parking permits
  • Tamper resistant materials so that parking decals cannot be transferred
  • Temporary hang tags with boldly printed expiration dates, or choose a scratch-off system that displays the expiration date at the time the permit is issued.
  • Counterfeit resistant options including barcodes, holograms, foil stamps, special inks, microprint, etc.

Ultra Custom University Parking Permits

If you want to take your permits a step further and a step up, you can design your own university parking permits from scratch. Custom parking permits are a great opportunity to make a statement; promote your school, team, mascot or slogan; increase branding and name recognition; highlight a new building, a campus landmark, and/or promote your school or campus with a beautiful photo. Custom parking permits are like free advertising and parking control all in one. We can even die cut your parking permits to a particular shape -- like a campus building, your state or your mascot -- and have them really stand out. You may want to get really creative and hold a school-wide contest to design each year's parking permits to involve the entire college community in the project. With custom university parking permits, the possibilities are endless.

College and University Parking Permits Help With These Parking Management Goals

  • Reduce campus parking and traffic congestion
  • Reduce or eliminate parking abuse
  • Reduce frustration and parking overflow
  • Provide security and access control
  • Differentiate parking by departments, offices, classroom buildings, dormitories, administration, parking lots, students, staff, faculty, vendors, etc.
  • Generate increased revenue
  • Keep parking management aligned with campus goals and image

Cost-effective, long-lasting, durable counterfeit-resistant, highly visible, and easily-readable university parking permits can make your parking management program run more smoothly, and make the job of your security or parking personnel easier and more effective.

Parking Permit Distribution

    For most schools, colleges and universities, distributing the parking permits to your students, faculty and staff can be a challenge. With Parking Permit Distribution Services, we can help. We will handle the mundane, time-consuming process for you. Our team of experts will stuff the envelopes with your parking permit and any other information you require, and then mail them directly to your parkers. You and your staff will free up time for higher-value tasks.

Complementary Products for Colleges and Universities

If you're in need of parking signs, towing signs, alumni stickers, special event tickets, sporting events tickets or other school promotional products, look no further than Rydin Decal. Call us today to inquire about university parking permits or any of your decal or other special printing needs.